Overwhelmed by the Daunting Task of Teaching Your Child Empowering Life Skills?

The Mighty Kids Subscription Box eliminates the stress and hassle of teaching your child these skills by offering bite-sized, guided, monthly activities so your child can...

  • Overcome self-doubt
  • Reframe their thinking positively
  • Turn good/bad events into learning opportunities
  • Become resilient
  • Handle obstacles with ease


Do you feel your child:

  • is insecure, shy, introverted, or doesn't believe themselves?
  • struggles with low self-esteem, low confidence, and learning?
  • deals with a lot of anxiety, frustration & anger, and emotional outbursts?
  • is afraid to learn new things?
  • is extremely sensitive and tends to have negative thoughts?

Want your kids to build self-love, confidence, empathy, gratitude and growth mindset?

Imagine if your child could:

  • manage their strong emotions
  • turn mistakes into learning opportunities
  • respond to a situation positively
  • change the direction of their thoughts & emotions
  • be unwavering in their self-worth
  • stick with hard tasks and not give up
  • be willing to try new things
  • overcome the fear of failure and perfectionism
  • ❤️learn how to love themselves

Kids Don’t Learn These Skills in School

and not all parents have the tools, time or experience to guide them.  

I know, from experience, that children spend hours thinking about horrible things and doubting their self-worth.

This explains why so many people, get to adulthood not realizing their value, having NO IDEA how to manage their difficult thoughts and emotions while struggling to form any decent relationships.

Your child doesn't have to give up so easily or get upset at the drop of a hat.

They can learn a better way with our monthly empowering Mighty Kids Subscription Box .


I am Yulia, the founder of Mighty Kids Subscription Box. I am a mom of two super mighty boys 5 & 8 years olds.

Just like you, when I started on my parenting journey I wanted to teach my kids resilience, setting goals, perseverance, commitment, GRIT, focus and self-motivation.

However, I've since discovered lack of kid-friendly resources that teach mindfulness & growth mindset essential skills for a 21-century kid.

I wanted something my boys will use regularly and have fun learning. I also noticed how excited my kids were to receive something in mail just for them.

So a Mighty Kids Subscription Box idea was born!

It teaches my kids important life skills in easy bite-size chunk activities sent in a monthly box . Every day I witness their minds transform and grow and I want to share these tools with your family as well.

Help your child to go from "I can't " to "I CAN!"

"The additional parenting resources have allowed me to be able to clear the space and patience to actually start enjoying my time with my kids. Now I have a house that has a plan and that's been everything. It's like a special gift for my brain."

- TYRA N -

Learn Important Life Skills To Improve Your Kid's Life

Your kids will:

  • Build confidence, take risks and step outside their comfort zone
  • Find it easy to make new friendships and connections
  • Feel relaxed and know exactly what they want to do
  • Be able to easily overcome obstacles and challenges in the way of their goals
  • Overcome self-doubt and engaging with constructive thinking about fears in adaptive ways
  • Discover that making mistakes is actually the mechanism for learning
  • Create a positive outlook on life and develop strategies to cope with life stresses
  • Understand how special they are and how to manage their difficult thoughts and redirect them.
  • Discover focus on the present moment, rather than being obsessed with the past or worrying about future events

What happens when kids use our monthly boxes?

Transform Family Dynamics into a Thriving Environment

If you want a happy home where your kids listen...

If you long for emotions under control (theirs and yours)...

If you dream of everyone sleeping or transitioning well...

and your family environment is fun and loving...

Then the Mighty Kids Subscription Box is for you!


  • Stop feeling stressed about how you are dealing with your kids, and stop worrying about whether you could be doing a better job. Even in stressful moments, you'll feel good about your ability to handle the situation.
  • Get to your kiddo's heart! Connect and discover a parenting plan that works with you, not against you.
  • Create healthy habits that will help you and help your kids, and not just right now, but for the rest of their lives.
  • Smile knowing you've got a secret weapon in your back pocket anytime you need to create structure, prevent meltdowns, or provide reminders. Create a set of rules (that aren't yours).
  • Get a jump-start on raising mindful, responsible, resilient kids. Your child will enjoy getting this magical monthly box with BIG possibilities in the mail!

Develop Strong Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and Growth Mindset Skills

Mighty Kids Box helps children through inspiring stories, colorful illustrations, and engaging guided activities. It breaks down the often-difficult concepts into monthly bite-sized, easy-to-understand pieces. 

Mighty Kids

Subscription Box

Our subscription box experience makes a MASSIVE impact and every month provides:

  • Kids Inspirational & Motivational T-Shirt #1
  • Fun Mighty Journal & Activity Book to Learn Important Life Skill #2
  • Stickers to Use in the Activity Book #3
  • Postcard to send to a friend #4
  • A guide to parents to to talk to a child & teach them important life skills #5

Plus! Get these incredible BONUSES to help you create a peaceful home and help your child:

Monthly Parenting Resources

Parenting doesn't have to be so hard. Our easy-to-follow charts, worksheets, and resources include step-by-step instructions and practical activities for kids that will make getting a handle on your home more straightforward than you ever thought possible.

Free Access to our

Digital Kids Activities Vault

($19 /Month Value)
Hundreds of coloring books, scavenger hunts, worksheets for hours and hours of screen -free fun. Just click and print, no annoying ads, just hours of fun.

Mighty Skills Growth Tracker

When you sign up, we'll send you a monthly Mighty Skills Growth tracker and your child will be able to track their progress on a monthly basis as they work on the skill.

Design-Your-Own T-shirt For a Cause!

Unleash your kids creativity!

Each box comes with an optional t-shirt design contest.

Kids can :

  • support a cause by designing and donating shirts
  • wear the shirts to spread awareness
  • explore their creative side
  • once they draw the design, upload the picture to our site, order and they're ready to change the world!

Here are some of character building topics we focus on:

Be You

You're wonderfully unique. Don't become the copy of someone else. Just be you. Let your light shine. You were made for a purpose. There's no one like you!

Keep Learning

Cutivate your natural curiosity and keep learning. Change is constant in our world, so kids with a continuous learning mindset will excel. There is a lot to learn.

Be Kind

When kids commit to practicing compassion and to be kind, their relationships become more intimate and negative feelings will start to lessen. They can connect much deeper with everyone they meet.

Believe in Yourself

Believe in yourself and be confident and strong, secure in your abilities and what you can achieve. Anything is possible. You can achieve anything when you believe in yourself.

Follow your dream

No matter what you're passionate about, always follow your dreams to the fullest. There is no limit to what you can do and accomplish in this world.

Be the Change

Impact the world through creating own design, selling it to promote your favorite cause. It's the new digital lemonade stand.


What's included in our Mighty Journal:

Packed with inspiring stories, coloring pages, engaging guided activities, inspirational quotes to keep your kid engaged and learning.


Equip Your Kids with "Success" Skills and a Mindset for a Successful Life

Remember, these remaining 5-8 years of development for children will be essential for them.

Motivate, Inspire, Educate, and Have Fun

Going through the activity book will help children to:

  • Think on his or her feet and be ready for whatever comes. 
  • Know how to “roll with the punches” and make the best of every situation.
  • Cultivate the essential tools of drive, determination, focus, and grit.
  • Believe that all children share the inalienable right to be empowered to reach their highest potential, whether rich or poor, urbanite or suburbanite.
  • Understand the often-difficult concepts of growth mindset and Emotional Intelligence.  
  • ​Place the power of possibility directly into kids’ hands with engaging activities.
  • ​Fuel their desire to learn, engage, take action and take control of their life with simple, engaging, creative, and safe ways.


"My son was hesitant at first, but he quickly looked forward to the box and was excited to do each assignment. If you knew my son, you would realize how amazing this is. He discovered something to do that he is really excited about and can be used in real life."

- Sheila -

Frequently Asked Questions


Every month we pick a topic to focus on to build self-esteem, resilience, grit and other important life skills.

Every subscription box will have an activity journal, an inspirational t-shirt, stickers, posters and even a postcard to send to a friend who might need some encouragement.


In MIGHY KIDS JOURNAL you kids will learn:

  • "I've Got This"-  Gaining Confidence #1
  • Persistence, Grit, and Courage #2
  • Oops!  Making Mistakes is helping you grow! #3
  • Hope; The Power of "Yet" #4
  • "Grow" and "Glow"- Feedback and Criticism #5
  • Expecting Perfection and Stress- Learn to "Let it Go" #6
  • Loyalty, Promises, and Commitment #7
  • Being Kind and Considerate of Others #8
  • Challenges make you stronger #9
  • Learn to love themselves #10
  • Be Creative #11
  • Be Positive & Spread Love #12


MIGHTY KIDS BOX incorporates the latest research in positive psychology, brain science, and youth development and is largely inspired by Carol Dweck "Mindset"

You can download the list of books, studies, and research materials that have gone into the creation of the journal HERE.


Mindfulness is like any change in habit, you can't expect instant results, but rest assured over time the mental health benefits of tuning in are proven and staggering. You can expect lessened outbursts, more awareness, more thoughtfulness, kindness, and gratitude (to name a few). What you can't expect is to completely eliminate tantrums or other unwanted behavior. Be realistic and have fun.


While you should always seek the advice of your doctor or health care provider, mindfulness is proven to help kids in ALL these areas. It can be a nice complement to your current health care plan.


Your payment will draft on the 1st of each month, boxes will be packed and ready within 15 days of that payment, sometimes earlier!


This is great for ALL kids. What kid doesn't need help coping with stress, learning to live in the moment, expressing gratitude, connecting with others, improving focus, etc?


The MIGHTY KIDS BOX is for anyone who's ready to create happier home. Whether you want to get your kids under control, ease transition troubles, teach responsibility or whether you just want to connect better with your family, this box will help you create and execute a clear plan of action.


What's it worth to you to know your child will develop important life skills, growth mentality, ability to self-regulation, and emotional intelligence that allows them to handle whatever life throws at them?

For less than the price you might expect to pay for one family meal dining out, you can have the MIGHTY KIDS BOX delivered to your child each month.


No commitment.  If you need to cancel your subscription, please log into your account on this website and cancel.  Please note – cancellation requests must be received 14 days before your billing date (1st of the month) or you will be charged for the following month.


Absolutely! Many of our homeschooling families and those using distance-learning choose to supplement their education with Mighty Kids Box and have great success in doing so. It's a child-friendly, learn-at-your-own-pace resource for kids and will inspire them to pursue their ideas and dreams while cultivating real-life skills.

Mighty Kids Subscription Box

Subscribe today to experience MASSIVE impact every month that provides:

  • Kids Inspirational & Motivational T-Shirt #1
  • Fun Mighty Journal & Activity Book to Learn Important Life Skill #2
  • Stickers to Use in the Activity Book #3
  • Postcard to send to a friend #4
  • A guide to parents to to talk to a child & teach them important life skills #5

Mighty Kids Box explained self-regulation in a language that my 6-year-old understood. After he finished the activities in the journal, he told me, "I want to learn more about my brain." His emotions are now much more manageable!

- Liz -

Ready to Get Started?

You CAN help your child build confidence through reframing their mindset about failure and mistakes, and raise self awareness of their thinking patterns.